Wrapping film is also called heat shrinkable film. It is a non-toxic and harmless packaging film. It can be used for combination packaging and outer packaging of irregular shaped articles or goods. The product can be combined with the stretching device of the wrapping and packaging machine or the deformation stress caused by the manual forced stretching of the film to tightly wrap the goods for transportation, which is a very popular packaging form in the world. Its use forms are sealed, full width, manual, stretch film winding machine, horizontal machinery, paper tube, small items, tubes and cables, tray mechanism packaging and other stretch forms. In the early days of China, PVC winding film was produced with PVC as the base material and DOA as a plasticizer. First, use it from the bottom and wrap it up one by one. When wrapping it to the top, wrap the entire top, but be careful during the wrapping process, otherwise it may be damaged during transportation. Dissipate. This product can not only meet the functions of anti-moisture and dust-proof, anti-stolen by touch, transparent display, etc., but also increase the attractiveness of the product.

Manufacturer profile

Shandong Packaging Products Co., Ltd. is a large-scale packaging company integrating the production, sales and research of stretch film. The products include stretch film, recycled film, PE cling film, forage film, etc. The product specifications can be customized and factory direct , Reasonable price and good quality.

The company is located in Binzhou, Shandong Province. It is a professional stretch film manufacturer. It has multiple advanced cast film production lines. It uses linear low density polyethylene (LLDPE) from DOW, EXXON and other companies as raw materials. The viscosity is divided into single-sided adhesive and double-sided adhesive. The products are divided into two series of manual film and machine film. The price is low and the types are full, which can meet the various needs of users.

In the development process, we have always adhered to the philosophy of "doing hard work and creating the future, quality products yielding benefits, quality seeking survival, and sincerity seeking development". Relying on its own equipment resources and flexible mechanism, a complete and scientific modern management system has been established, creating a brand new world. The company's products sell well all over the country and are exported to Europe, America, Australia and other regions.

We rely on advanced equipment, scientific management, high-quality products, and continue to produce more high-quality products, and with integrity business, win-win cooperation as the corporate purpose, and work with new and old customers!

The mechanical winding method of film winding can be divided into semi-automatic winding and fully automatic winding. The former is to lower the film frame to the bottom, place the goods on the chassis, and place the film roll on the roll seat. Wear the film, then start the turntable motor to turn the turntable. At this time, the film will be wound at the bottom of the cargo. When the number of winding turns reaches the level you need, press the film frame up button to raise the film frame to the required level; press the film frame down button Lower the film holder to the bottom, repeat the above process to complete the packaging, and press Stop to end. The latter is to make the stretch film winding machine in the initial state, put the goods on, put on the film, select the number of up and down turns, the number of up and down times, and the top-over time, and press the automatic start button, the entire process is automatically completed. Although this product has a certain stretchability, it is not unbreakable, so pay attention to slowly stretching during the packaging process.

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